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Talkin’ Sh*t about Mount Whitney. Can you handle it?

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People are saying I have been talking shit too much, so I decided to write some shit down instead. Let’s think of this as my periodic colon cleanse for the mind. It ain’t pretty, but it is probably healthy. The thing is, we should all be talking about poop more. And why not? We do it daily, all 7.125 billion of us on Earth. This may be one of the more significant impacts humans have on each other on the …

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Trip Report – Mount Whitney, Mountaineer’s Trout – August 18-20, 2014

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Thanks to Steve from Atlanta, GA for great company and a hard-earned summit of Mount Whitney from the more adventurous side. This was like no hike or climb he had ever experienced and he did a great job. Besides the amazing sunrise and the perfect weather, a highlight was catching a decent sized trout from Upper Boy Scout lake with one cast of a fly. Here’s to more mountain experiences in the future together with Steve!

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Mount Whitney: East Face vs. East Buttress. Which is better?

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Which route is better, the East Face or the East Buttress? The classic question we get regarding technical routes on Mount Whitney. Well, do you like chocolate or vanilla? Very different flavors, both immensely pleasurable. Let’s break it down. The Line One of the major considerations when evaluating the aesthetics of a climbing route is the line. Does it appear natural, allowing for consistent and continuous climbing progress? Does the climbing finish on an obvious high point like a summit? …