Nutrition Clinic with Katie Lambert


Learn what the best foods and nutrients are for nourishing the body for optimal sports performance. We will discuss nutrition for soft tissue as it relates to injury prevention and recovery as well as how to manage inflammation and recommendations for healthy living daily. 
November 4 1:30-3:30 
Sage to Summit Bouldering Gym

Nutrition Clinic with Katie Lambert

Katie Lambert (MSTN, NTC) is a professional rock climber who holds a Masters degree in Traditional Nutrition and is a Nutritional Therapist in Bishop, CA. She has worked with food and nutrition for ten years as head cook and nutritionist for Sacred Rok, a youth focused non-profit based in Yosemite in addition to having her own practice called High Sierra Nutritional Wellness. Her personal experiences with using food as medicine combined with her scope of work have provided Lambert with a wealth of knowledge on how to best nourish and heal the body with real, whole and traditional foods.


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