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45 Pitches

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At Sierra Mountian Guides we connect people to the mountains.  There is a variety of ways to get this done.  This July / August 2014 John B. came out  from Chicago to the Sierra to get connected to some of the best alpine crack climbing the Sierra has to offer. When the dust settled, and the tape came off, we had done 45 pitches of Sierra granite crack climbing. Whew, what a trip, and way to go John!     …

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Wounded Warriors 2014!

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For more than five  years now we have had the privilege of donating a day of climbing to the Wounded Warriors program.  ESDS (Eastern Sierra Disable Sports) has a spring program for the Wounded Warriors that provides incredible mountain opportunities for disabled veterans and their families. For a week each spring guests participate in a myriad of mountain activities.  There is fishing, boating, kayaking, hand biking, hiking, camping, climbing, and much, much more.  ESDS has built this program into a …

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Alpine Conditions Report- Palisades- July 1st 2014

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July 1st 2014. Alpine climbers and enthusiasts, we just finished a trip into the Palisades.  Here is a breakdown of current conditions.             Approaches and Camps: The North Fork of Big Pine Creek is dry walking all the way to Gayley camp.  The sites at Gayley camp are dry. There is still water and melting snow at Gayley camp.  The mosquitos are out through Sam Mack meadow. The Bishop Pass approach is dry through Thunderbolt …

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Alpine Conditions Report – Mt. Whitney – June 12, 2014

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Current conditions on the East Face and Mountaineer’s Routes, from June 11th, 2014. Here are the current conditions for Mt. Whitney.  We just finished a successful East Face trip!  We were able to complete both the climb and the descent without using ice axe or crampons.  You would now be able to avoid snow completely on all routes.  There is still ice on Iceberg Lake but there is plenty of open water.  We had some afternoon thunder snow, so pay …

Mammoth to Yosemite Fastpacking

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One of the sayings I often find myself using is, “There is more than one way to skin a cat.” Aside from the obvious negative imagery this may conjure up it does have real application in many of the activities that we offer at Sierra Mountain Guides (SMG).  In this case it relates directly to a fundamental methodology regarding how we use, travel, and enjoy the backcountry.  This summer I had the opportunity to tag along on the first day …

Temple Crag Celestial Weekend 2012

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I met up with Taylor and John at our Bishop office to do a gear check and packing session prior to our weekend journey to Temple Crag. Both Taylor and John have climbed with SMG for some time and were well prepared for a big adventure. Taylor and Howie planned to climb Darkstar while John and I would be on the stunning Sun Ribbon Arête. Darkstar is rated Grade V 5.10b and Sun Ribbon is a Grade IV 5.10a. After …

Middle Palisade Peak

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Tom and his godson Michael stayed in one of the cabins at the Glacier Lodge the night before we started our climb.  I met them at their cabin in the morning and we enjoyed the cowboy coffee and delivered breakfast as we chatted about our upcoming trip.  After breakfast we packed up and headed up the South Fork of Big Pine Creek.  Our destination was Finger Lake and after some great views, rain showers, and nice lunch we found ourselves …

SMG Alps 2011 Rock Climbing

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After our success on the Jungfrau we felt like we had used up our weather karma.  With the forecast still indicating storms we decided to switch gears and focus on rock climbing.  We got an early start and headed for the local Glacier Wall right in Grindelwald.  The forecast called for afternoon thunderstorms so we got right to work.  After climbing 9 pitches we carried all our gear over the top to grab a great lunch at the restaurant, conveniently …

Father and Daughter Climb the East Face of Mount Whitney

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I met John and Kara (17) at the Whitney Portal campground to begin our Father/Daughter climb of the East Face of Mt. Whitney.  After a hearty dinner at the Portal Store we turned in for the night, but not before we had a bear traipse right through camp.  The next morning found us enjoying a grand breakfast at the Portal Store.  After stuffing ourselves we packed up and hiked up to camp above Upper Boyscout Lake.  The approach hike for …

SMG Alps 2011 Jungfrau

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 After our recovery day we decided to head back up to the Monchsjoch hut and give the Jungfrau a try.  The weather forcast didn’t look great but we thought if it didn’t snow too much we might get enough clear weather to give it a shot.  We rode the train back up to the Jungfrau Joch station and found it full of Mammut guides, people dressed in traditional 1800’s climbing gear, and lot’s of hubbub. We came to find out …

SMG Alps 2011 Post #13 Jungfrau Joch

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 After a hearty breakfast we boarded the Jungfrau Joch railway train that tunnels through the Eiger to over 11,000 ft.  There is always a strange mix of tourists and climbers on the train and this was no exception.  After an hour and forty minutes of climbing up through the mountain we arrived at the Jungfrau Joch station.  Truly a tourists paradise. You can eat in any number of restaurants, check out the terrace, ice cave, go skiing, sledding, do the …

SMG Alps 2011 Post #12 Hintisberg

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 John arrived in Grindelwald planning on climbing the Jungfrau and the Eiger.  I met him at his Hotel (Eiger) the night before our trip was to begin.  Our first day led us up another narrow Swiss road to Hintersberg.  After a 45 minutes approach we arrived at the base of the cliff.   The plan was to get some acclimatization and have some fun rock climbing.  I had checked the area out the day before and was pleasantly surprised to find …